© Pernilla Bogö-Bryntesson

Stéphane Jean?

Born in France and raised in Sweden by a French musician and painter and a Swedish dancer, I've somewhat silently looked for my true artistic expression all my life. The forms have varied, with music and Computer Graphics being the two strongest prequels to photography. But looking back, I clearly recognize that my fascination with capturing a small part of the world and telling stories through a lens and camera has been there since the first time, at the age of ten, used a camera for the first time.

Still, it took me almost another 30 years to realize that photography offers the balance between art, craft and technology that I've searched for all my life. Although I sometimes wish that I would've gotten serious with photography much earlier, the convoluted path that I chose was probably the one that I needed. One example is how working with 3D software and its virtual cameras taught me how light behaves and how to work a camera to tame it.

Capturing nature's beauty – from macro to landscape – is "the what and the where" that lights my fire. It is there that I love “catching” the subtle but powerful perspectives and details of the world around us that tend to go unnoticed in most people's everyday life.

Finding and portraying beauty in the ordinary, often hidden in plain sight, is what excites and inspires me the most.

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